Monday, November 14, 2016

Processing the election and where to go from here

Theoretically this is a site for me to talk about knitting or sewing or maybe exercise or perhaps tackling existential questions.  But today it's a bit more serious.

Last week, Donald Trump was elected to the highest elected office in our country.  He lost the popular vote but managed to win through the machinations of our electoral college.

I'll be honest.  I'm devastated.  I cried off and on for 6 days.  Today I had a few tiny tears.  Now I'm angry.

Like really really angry.

Because this man and his "friends" are going to turn our country into their own playground of destruction.

He's hired Steve Bannon, White-nationalist in-chief to be his chief strategist.

This action.  This hire pushed me over the edge.  Because Steven Bannon is an absolutely horrible person.

Sure, he's bright.  He served in the Navy, earned an MBA from Harvard and worked as an investment banker at Goldman-Sachs.  But that doesn't make up for what an jerk he is.

So what to do next?  A lot of people are wondering how they can be active and protect our freedoms. After reading the suggestions form others on social media, I've come up a with a list of a few ideas.

1.  Donate money to organizations involved in social justice.  It doesn't have to be much.  Even $10 is helpful.  These organizations have so many expenses including salaries, grant-writing, mailings, printing.  Every single dollar helps.  Plus, the more donors an organizations has, the better able it is to ask for money from larger donors and foundations.

2. Volunteer at these organizations.  They might need help stuffing envelopes or assembling reports.  Maybe they need drivers.   Or someone to answer the phones.  Or offer to help them raise money.  Enlist your friends.

3. Protest.  Freedom of assembly is part of your right outlined in the First Amendment.  You can peacefully protest in a small group or a large group.  Head to Washington in January or join others outside Trump properties. You may also choose protest by boycotting Trump properties and products made by him and his children.

4. Support your community.  If you don't like to protest, support those who do.  Cheer them on and give encouragement.  If you don't have extra money to donate to an organization, offer your services to them.

5.  Do whatever makes you comfortable.  You should not feel shamed into action.  If your way of protesting is to blog and repost articles, that's awesome.  Need to get off social media?  Speak your mind to friends.  But remember, you must protect yourself.  If you ever feel unsafe or attacked, pull back.  There's no reason to put yourself in harm's way.  We need you to stay safe and healthy.

6. Take care of yourself.  Protesting is exhausting both emotionally and physically.  Be sure to rest, eat well and exercise.  You are of no use to the movement if you are drained and unwell.  Take the time to go for a walk, hang-out with friends, take a sewing class (hint hint) or go to a movie.  Again, you cannot fight all the time.  Even the canons need to stop in order to reload.

We've got a long road ahead of us.  I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to do next.  Today I donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center and I signed a few petitiions.  Oh, and I wrote this blog post.

Tomorrow it will probably be more writing to leaders of our country.

And always, every day, I check in with those whom I know have been affected by the outcome of this election.  Friends have also reached out to me.  Remember, Secretary Clinton won the popular vote so there are more of us than there are Trump-supporters.

Keep calm, stay strong and fight.


Sandra Hayden said...

Thanks, Marisa, for being a kindred spirit. I am so sorry that my usual BLUE state of PA turned an ugly red. I will be following your suggestions, but the tears will still be here a while.

Stitchingpink said...

Thanks Sandy for your kind words. Miss you much - we will all get through this together. xoxo