Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Everyone's sick

Unfortunately very little got accomplised yesterday. My little Lucy got a cold from me that quickly progressed to an ear infection so she was less than lovely by afternoon and then by nightime was calling for anyone who she hoped could help her "I want my daddy, mimi, mom-mom, rosie dogie." Clearly I just wasn't doing it for her anymore. Poor thing.

Today convincing Lucy to get dressed was a bit of a chore. When she's not feeling well she either wants to wear cozy pj's or she wants to wear this yellow handknit sweater that was mine as a toddler. She wears it so much I'm not sure if it's going to be in any shape for her babies. It's knit out of acrylic so washes up great. I'm pretty sure that it was knit from the top down. Only seam is on the sleeves. That's my Curious George too.

From Hand-me-downs

Since I have nothing "new," here's a pic of two recently completed Darcy Ashton bunnies. I so loved doing these but have to admit that I'm too afraid to put them in a quilt knowing how much work went into each. I'm planning on framing them to display in my sewing room, as inspiration....

From sewing pictures

Monday, February 05, 2007

trying not to buy fabric

I worked at Pennington Quiltworks yesterday and tried very hard not to buy fabric! I couldn't resist some of the new Westminster Fibers pieces and I'm still just crazy for Heather Bailey's Fresh Cut . I bought just a little bit from the inches bin plus some American Jane fabric a couple years ago. The Heather Bailey seems to be flying out of the shop. But oddly, I was really drawn to this super-cute birthday fabric with little cupcakes and another with children at a party. Oh, I know it's a juvenile themed fabric, not usually my favorite, but I just thought that Lucy would love it. Maybe next week if it's still there....
From sewing pictures

I'm going to work on my Felicity Miller raincoats quilt today.
From sewing pictures

Sunday, February 04, 2007

so much to write

Wow, I've been so busy over the last year or so that I just totally forgot to write! I'm now working at a quilt store on the weekends and am trying not to buy more fabric. Lucy never stops moving so finding time to sew or quilt is increasingly difficult. I did just finish a quilt with Heather Bailey's new line of fabric and am working on a quilt with Felicity Miller's rainy day line. Plus, I'm doing the American Jane storybook quilt. It's my first foray into fusible applique and I'm not sure what I think about it. Lucy loves it though so that's good.

Lucy and my husband, Mitch, are off to the Philly car show so I've got a couple of hours to sew before I go to the shop. The only problem is that I don't know what project to work on....

The photos below are of two dresses I made last year. Hard to believe how quickly time flies with Lucy.