Sunday, June 22, 2014

What I've been doing instead of writing

I get up in the morning thinking I will write.  But first I scan Facebook.  When nothing is there, I go through my email.  When that’s complete, I head on over to The Weather Channel to see what’s in store for today - should I wear short sleeves or long sleeves?  Sandals or sneakers? What’s the weather in Maine? Oklahoma? How much rain have we had this month? Is it going to rain today? Then, once I decide what to wear, I click on the home button and make my way to the NYTimes where I read a few editorials and a bunch of comments on editorials.  I consider writing a comment but then decide to instead post something to Facebook about an article I read.  Then I scan Facebook again and find some cute pictures of guinea pigs which I email to a friend and my daughter. I hop over to the photographer's website and look at her other pictures of guinea pigs.  And some pictures of ladybugs.  Very cute.  Then I check my email again and delete a bunch of promotional emails except the ones from the Gap and Purl Soho and Bernina.  I’ll go back to those at another time.  Then I start thinking about what I am going to wear and click over to the Nordstrom's website and check out the designer sale.  I put a few things in my cart then google the items to see if there are better prices on another site, which there aren’t.  But I'm not sure what size I need so I decide to go back to my cart later.  Then I decide to check out Barney’s to see if there are any PRADA shoes on clearance.   Nope.  Which is ok because I haven't liked the last 3 or 4 seasons of PRADA shoes anyway.  What was the weather again?