Tuesday, March 16, 2010

spring is in the air

March is a tricky month.  If you become too complacent and put away your winter coats, she is quick to remind that winter is not yet over.  Central Jersey was hit with a major rainstorm last weekend - reminded me of my Oklahoma roots!  Thankfully we are fine and our friends are also ok except for a lack of power.  

The good thing is that the weather has been so crummy that I have been busy sewing and knitting.  I completed Lucy's spring dress using a pattern from this book - well, almost completed.  I still have to do the buttonholes but I hesitate to do them on my old Pfaff.  Sometimes it gets overwhelmed by the process and just whigs out.  I may take the dress over to the store and do them on one of the shop Berninas.  I'm always looking for an excuse to sew on those!  Perhaps I'll take the new 730 for a spin....

And, I finished two knitting projects for my baby nephew.  Nothing fancy - everything in a 3 month size looks adorable don't you agree?

A few of my favorite things about spring:

1. buying a new pair of converse sneakers
2. lightweight jackets
3. helping Lucy learn to ride a bike without training wheels
4. watching daffodils emerge 
5. budding trees
6. sunlight and longer days
7. coloring eggs
8. flourless chocolate tortes for Passover
9. drinking coffee outside while reading The New Yorker
10. opening my sunroof

Pictures soon.  Be well and as always, happy (spring) stitching!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

I knew it had been a while but....

All this snow has really thrown me off my game over the last few weeks.  Everyday I say to myself "I will write on my blog" and everyday I just don't seem to get to it.  It's either snowing, someone's sick or I'm working.

Let's be honest - our house obsessively watched the Olympics and yes we became addicted to Curling.  

But the season is changing, the sun is shining and it's time to get sewing.  I have many projects in queue including a spring dress for Lucy made out of Liberty, a cowboy baby blanket for my darling new nephew and fruit pincushions for some very special friends.

Happy (almost) spring and as always, happy sewing.