Monday, January 17, 2011

It's been too long

It's not that I haven't been knitting or sewing, it's just that I haven't been writing about it.  Of course, I do spend a lot of time over here and my new professional experiences are taking up much of my time but knitting will always be my first love.

In fact, I've finished a few projects recently and picked up a few UFO's including a shawl from Two Old Bags and a pair of socks that need to be darned.  The shawl I started when I was pregnant with Lucy nearly 7 years ago.  I bought the yarn at my first visit to Maryland Sheep and Wool literally wrangling it out of the hands of another knitter....  But, my focus shifted to my pregnancy and then to Lucy and then to knitting and sewing for Lucy and then to maybe making another baby, nursing my husband through an illness, losing a pregnancy, starting a new job in Philly, leaving that job and then entering an entirely new profession.  But, despite all of the ups and downs, that shawl has been waiting patiently for me to return.  And so I have and can't believe how quickly the pattern has come back to me.

I'm hoping to be over here more but without the pressure to create and publish photos and witticisms.  This is a place to document my musings on creating needlework not just for those who are here now but for those who will be here many years after I am gone.

Be well.