Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Amy Butler!

Yesterday I had to do a bit of business at the shop regarding the Weekender Bag Class so I thought I'd just run in for a few minutes. Much to my delight the new Amy Butler Midwest Modern collection had arrived and was on the floor. It is stunning. The color palate is crisp, fresh and citrusy. It makes me want to put a straw in it and take a long sip. Amazing. This collection is different from her others in it's scale, motifs and hues.

I'm sure that I need some of this loveliness but I'm just not sure how much....

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Lucy's race outfit

Lucy's race outfit, originally uploaded by stitchingpink.

Last week, Mitch, Lucy and I participated in the Virginia Beach Shamrock Fest. I jogged/walked the 8K, Mitch ran the half-marathon and Lucy ran the children's marathon (26.2 yards). I was just happy that I finished my race without passing out! I will spare you pics of me at the finish line - believe me, you don't want to see them!

I made Lucy this little shirt using Lite-Steam-a-Seam and then going around the edges with a zig zag stitching. She also has green sweatpants with hearts appliqued on the knees. She looked very cute and had a wonderful time at the races. She cheered Mitch and me on with great gusto and for us, seeing her face at the finish line made all of our work well worth it.

Happy Easter!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dorothy's Chairs

Dorothy's Chairs, originally uploaded by stitchingpink.

Here's a picture of two of the chairs of Dorothy's. I loved these chairs as a kid and spent countless hours spinning them around, rocking back and forth and then when I got older, I would just recline in a chair and read a book. I believe that the chairs may have been designed by Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggin though I'm not totally sure. The cube was also Dorothy's.

I'm so happy to have all three of these pieces. Dorothy had lots of parties so I remember her guests relaxing in these with bridge mix and martinis. Imagine Esquivel in the background or some Henry Mancini to complete the memory.

As soon as I rearrance my sewing room/extra bedroom, I promise a picture of my other grandmother's sewing machine and table. I can't wait to plug it in and hear it sew again....

Friday, March 21, 2008

Hi hi, hi ho it's off to work I go...

I know that it's been a really long time since I've posted anything here. I always have the best of intentions but by the end of the day I'm just too tired to write anything creative or attempt to be witty. I have actually completed a few projects and started even a few more. I promise pictures soon but my computer is still having issues with uploading pics and I'm not in the habit of working with Mitchell's computer.

On Tuesday the things from Oklahoma City arrived, that is, my grandmothers' belongings plus a few other random pieces of furniture and childhood toys. It's weird to sit in Dorothy's very cool club chairs or work at my grandmother's sewing table but it also feels very comforting. It really is like having Dorothy and Eleanor in my home. The only problem is that all of Dorothy's furniture smells like her house - she always wore just a tad too much perfume. It's a bit eerie to smell my deceased grandmother in my house but I'm sure that in time, the scent will diminish and then I will long to smell it again.

The other reason that I haven't written is that I am indeed headed back to work as a nurse-midwife. I've accepted at position at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia as part of the Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment Center, more specifically, as a midwife in the Special Delivery Unit. The first two months will be intense with training 5 days/week. After that I'll work part-time so of course I hope to continue working at the quilt store a couple times a month and also have more time to sew, knit, etc with Lucy in a longer day at school. I know I'm being wishful but a girl can dream....

I've been cooking up a storm the last couple of days and have two more days in the kitchen before I start. Plus I'm busy with laundry, reorganizing the house and finishing quilting projects. A friend of mine said I was "work-nesting." I like that.

More nesting tomorrow and hopefully some pics for here too.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

And another thing

I have been meaning to get on the blog for a while - every spare moment seems to be spent sewing the circles quilt, entertaining Lucy, or organizing my house! My grandmothers' belongings are arriving next week including Dorothy's dining room set and swivel club chair and my maternal grandmother's (Eleanor) sewing table with her 1940's Singer inside. Needless to say, I have a lot of work to provide the room for these beloved belongings. Also, I fear for the delivery men - I could be in tears as they unload my family treasures. I hope they come prepared. Ha ha

I forgot to share another tip about the Amy Butler Weekender Bag. Two of my students used an old cutting mat for the inside of the false bottom rather than use template plastic. This produced a much more firm bottom and provided additional structure to the bag. Great idea!

And, have you seen Ginger Blossom? I absolutely LOVE it. Maybe just a few yards of it will do - I have to make room for the new Amy Butler too.

Back to the sewing machine. I watched the entire Project Runway 2008 season yesterday and I'm feeling inspired.