Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Flirty Skirt and Halloween Skirt

While Lucy and I were in Atlanta, she performed for us on my brother's balcony. Yes, that is a flirty skirt covering the Halloween play-skirt I made for her. The skirt turned out a bit fuller and longer than I expected but Lucy clearly didn't mind. And yes, she is dancing with a dreidel in her hand. I believe she was pretending that it was a microphone.

Still working on her mermaid costume. Ugh. My mother looked at it today and I could see that she was trying to say something nice about it, particularly that it looked like an actual mermaid for a preschooler. sigh. I mean, it's a costume for a 4 year old and it's not store bought so it's going to be fine, right??

I would love to spend the day sewing tomorrow but I also have to pull together Lucy's birthday party on Saturday. Fortunately we are doing it at a local bird preserve so I don't have to plan entertainment. However, Lucy is expecting me to make mini cupcakes for the party as well as mini cut-out cookies for her class on Friday. Sometimes I wonder why I can't be one of those women who just buys stuff from a regular store? I mean, does anyone even notice the extra effort it takes? Well, that's a silly questions because I notice and I think that Lucy notices too. And, I enjoy doing it...most of the time.

First game of the World Series on tv - gotta run. GO PHILLIES!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Shadow Work Initital

Shadow Work Initial, originally uploaded by stitchingpink.

This is one of the things that I learned - Shadow Work. This particular design is from a new book called Old Fashioned Baby. The designs are adorable. Her other patterns are equally lovely. Plus, at the SAGA market, she had the most fabulous collection of vintage buttons and lace. Oh my!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Stitching Away

This last week I went to visit my brother and his wife in their new city - Atlanta. While there, I had the opportunity to take a class as part of the Smocking Arts Guild of America Convention. My class was with Wendy Schoen - I learned shadow work embroidery and gold work. The class was challenging but I really enjoyed myself and was surprised to find how much I enjoyed delicate stitch work. I will post pics of my projects this week and also provide more details on the convention in general.

I also took my Weekender Bag on its first trip! I took pictures of it on its outing as well and will post those over the coming days. It really is a very functional bag and quite comfortable on my shoulders though, if I do another one, I think that I will make the straps a bit wider and perhaps padded as well.

Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Delights of Fall

Apple Pie after shot, originally uploaded by stitchingpink.

I love fall, absolutely love it! When I was growing up in Oklahoma, fall always meant the end of the summer heat - we could finally sit outside comfortably and enjoy the breeze coming off the plains. Plus, there's nothing as great as shopping for back-to-school. I still look forward to each fall fashion with all its tweeds, jewel tones and cozy sweaters. And, unlike winter, during fall one can enjoy the crisp air without bundling up in a coat and multiple other warm accessories.

Plus, the fall harvest. Now that I live in NJ, I have the opportunity to buy locally grown produce. Lucy and I go to our CSA each week and pick up our share of veggies and fruit. We look forward to each week, wondering what goodies await us at the farm stand. Last week we were delighted to find squash, pumpkins,, swiss chard, peppers, lettuce, beets, radicchio and more! And the tomatoes - we've been getting them for about 6 weeks and they have been sweet and juicy. Below is my latest collection of sauce tomatoes ready to be blanched and frozen for winter stew.

sauce tomatoes from the farm

In the last week, Lucy and I made two pies, a batch of applesauce and apple muffins. I bought Winesaps and Macouns at the Trenton Farmer's Market. The Winesaps were great in the pies and the Macouns were crisp and sweet treats. I"m hoping to get the Terhune Orchards to pick apples with Lucy tomorrow. As a child in Oklahoma I could never have imagined the opportunity to pick my own apples!

Apple pie before

And finally, a bit unrelated, here's a picture of my Tupperware pastry rolling mat. As young children and teenagers, my brother and I rolled out hundreds of batches of cookies and pastry on this mat. My mom gave it to me when I moved into my first apartment in Philadelphia more than a decade ago. To see Lucy's little hands working at this mat reminded me of my own childhood and the simple joys of cooking with my mother.

Tupperware rolling mat

Get outside and breath in the cool, crisp air. Enjoy.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Matryoshka Doll skirt

Matryoshka Doll skirt, originally uploaded by stitchingpink.

I've been busy with lots and lots of sewing projects, mostly skirts for Lucy. This one turned out really cute - I put a lace trim on the bottom instead of hemming it. I just cut two large rectangles, sewed the seams, inserted elastic and voila. A new fun winter skirt. I'm hoping to make lots more of these. Check out this site over at Oliver and S for another simple pattern.

Matryoshka Doll Skirt

I also finished a holiday tag kit for the shop and am teaching a class on those in November. I promise pics of them soon.

Now, it's on to the Halloween - Lucy wants to be a mermaid. I hope I can get it made and finished before the local parade on the 30th!