Sunday, July 17, 2005

heirloom sewing here I come

I stopped into the Little Sewing Studio in Hamilton Square, NJ last Thursday to pick up my supplies for the smocked bishop dress for Lucy. Oh, I am so excited to start this. It was hard not to buy fabric for many more projects but I think it's best for me to take it slow, I am in the middle of two knitting projects as well as a number of sewing/quilting projects. But the fabrics and the lace - oh just too beautiful for words. Hopefully I will pick up the skills quickly so I can move onto the next project. It will be great to have my mother here in a few weeks as she is an excellent seamstress and will be able to help be get some projects started and finished.

I often wonder what it is that draws me to these different needles arts. Right now I think I'm enjoying picking up new sewing and quilting skills just to have an excuse to get out of the house All these classes are something for me to look forward to and make me take time out for myself. Plus, it's interesting to read a pattern and figure out how to put something together - perhaps it will keep my brain from turning to jello.

As for little Lucy, she abhors her crib now. In fact, I think her whole room is horrid as far as she is concerned. She's in our bed, peacefully sleeping with my husband looking over her while he reads. Sigh. Tomorrow is another night....

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