Friday, December 28, 2007


Well, Christmas has come and gone. It was a pretty good one for us despite not going home to Oklahoma. We went to Brooklyn to be with my brother and his wife and enjoyed their 9 foot tree! Lucy was really into the whole Santa concept so she was quite excited in the morning when she saw that the stockings were full and that there were even more gifts for her under the tree! Lucy asked every "Mall Santa" (Lucy's term, not mine) for a Dora doll with a pink shirt. Despite my hesitancy to give into the whole Dora thing, Santa complied and had one of his elves find the doll in Oklahoma City as they were sold out in Jersey! Of course, Lucy squealed with delight when she opened it and said something like, "See, mommy, Santa did know which one I wanted." Sigh.

Here are just a few Christmas pictures:

Christmas Stockings
The holiday stockings I made for everyone. My first attempts at machine applique. Lucy's was the first and the most rudimentary. By the time I got to Mitch's I got better. Sorry Harper. I used "Cool Girls Quilt" by Linda Lum DeBono for guidance on the applique part.

My pink Christmas tree
I love this pink tree. It's actually a Barbie tree I picked up a few years ago at Michael's. The ornaments are a mix of vintage, Martha Stewart Kmart, and Urban Outfitters. And of course, the "skirt" is Heather Bailey.

Can you find the pickle?
Can you find the pickle?

Lucy making cookies with Uncle Harper
Lucy making Holiday cookies with her Uncle Harper. The cookie recipe is from our preschool - we've been making the same cookies for 32 years!

Lucy loves her Fisher Price Digital Camera. It was her last gift on the eighth night of Hanukkah and has been a huge hit. She's actually pretty good at it. I'll post some of Lucy's pics next week.

As for me, I got exactly what I wanted: a 24 Watt Ott Lite. I left the flier with huge arrows in red ink on Mitch's desk and kindly reminded him almost daily. I was a bit disappointed on Christmas Day as it wasn't under the tree but when we got home, there it was on the stairs in all its loveliness waiting for me. It's wonderful. I don't know how I ever functioned with out it!

And Santa (me) got me two other books: How to Make Books by Esther Smith and Tricia Guild Pattern. Both are fabulous and make me dream of greater, prettier, craftier things....

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