Friday, July 04, 2008

My Friend Mandy and Jenny patterns

Mandy and Jenny were my very favorite dolls. I had a doll box filled with clothes and accessories that I would pack up and bring with me on overnight trips to my grandmother's house. Grandma was kind enough to make me outfits for the dolls and my mother contributed as well. I saved the dolls and clothes with the hope that someday I would have my own little girl who would enjoy the dolls as much as I did.

That day has come. I recently gave Lucy both of the dolls as well as the box filled with clothes. I wish that Grandma could have seen Lucy dressing Mandy in the clothes that she made - I know that she would have been delighted to see the joy in another generation.

My mother found her collection of patterns for Mandy and Jenny. This one is my favorite - the drawings are so sweet and sooo 70's! It's hard to believe that those groovy fashions are coming back into style! My plan this fall is to make Lucy and the dolls coordinating outfits. Hopefully I can make that happen!


Jenna Z said...

Ack! I love my Jenny doll and have just recently been making clothes for her! There is a yahoo group hat I belong to that swaps handmade outfits once in a while. I just posted my latest outfit (which is from this pattern book!) on my blog. I am entering it in our county fair. If you ever want to do a personal swap for an outfit, I'd love to!

onecraftymama said...

My Mom just gave my daughter my Jenny and Mandy dolls. She loves them so much! We can't find the patterns, so I'll have to check ebay. Jenna - I'll check out your group also. I think my dolls need a bath though. I saw on the tag that it says machine washable. Is that true? Anyone ever try it?

Roseann212 said...

If any one has patterns that they are willing to share, I am happy to pay copying costs. Have just the two dolls - Jenny n Mandy- in their skivies. Help !

Janet said...

They are indeed machine washable and able to be put in the dryer as well!! Assuming they are originals, I would advise to use a low or medium heat setting on the dryer though! Are the patterns for clothes posted anywhere? My daughter would like to practice her sewing technique and make clothes for Mandy and Jenny.