Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Time to knit

When the air turn a bit colder and the leaves start to change color, my hands want to knit.

Either I pull out a project that has been in hibernation over the warm summer months or I contemplate casting on something new.  My yarn stash comes down from the shelf, a book or two comes out of the cabinet and needles are pulled from storage.

My mind fills with wonderful knitting possibilities.  A fresh tote is pulled from my overflowing collection, perfect for the start of fall and winter knitting.  This year it is a canvas book bag from my daughter's Bat Mitzvah. Printed on it's front, in purple, is a retro bowling girl.

Sometimes skeins need to be wound.  Though I own a winder and swift, I often choose to sit on the couch and slowly wind the yarn into a tight round ball.  One that will torment me for the entire project as it rolls across the floor and under the couch, unfurling along the way. Frustrated, I'll chase it down, wind again and keep knitting.

When the weather turns very cold, I'll knit every night.  My fingers staying warm with the completion of each stitch.  The click, click of my needles will be the ambient playlist of winter.

I may or may not finish this project by April, when the air turns warmer and the sun shines bright.  The project will be then be packed up, hopefully with notes, to be continued later that year.

And so, the cycle continues with thread that runs from one season to the next.

xoxo.  happy stitching.

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