Thursday, March 06, 2008

And another thing

I have been meaning to get on the blog for a while - every spare moment seems to be spent sewing the circles quilt, entertaining Lucy, or organizing my house! My grandmothers' belongings are arriving next week including Dorothy's dining room set and swivel club chair and my maternal grandmother's (Eleanor) sewing table with her 1940's Singer inside. Needless to say, I have a lot of work to provide the room for these beloved belongings. Also, I fear for the delivery men - I could be in tears as they unload my family treasures. I hope they come prepared. Ha ha

I forgot to share another tip about the Amy Butler Weekender Bag. Two of my students used an old cutting mat for the inside of the false bottom rather than use template plastic. This produced a much more firm bottom and provided additional structure to the bag. Great idea!

And, have you seen Ginger Blossom? I absolutely LOVE it. Maybe just a few yards of it will do - I have to make room for the new Amy Butler too.

Back to the sewing machine. I watched the entire Project Runway 2008 season yesterday and I'm feeling inspired.

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