Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dorothy's Chairs

Dorothy's Chairs, originally uploaded by stitchingpink.

Here's a picture of two of the chairs of Dorothy's. I loved these chairs as a kid and spent countless hours spinning them around, rocking back and forth and then when I got older, I would just recline in a chair and read a book. I believe that the chairs may have been designed by Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggin though I'm not totally sure. The cube was also Dorothy's.

I'm so happy to have all three of these pieces. Dorothy had lots of parties so I remember her guests relaxing in these with bridge mix and martinis. Imagine Esquivel in the background or some Henry Mancini to complete the memory.

As soon as I rearrance my sewing room/extra bedroom, I promise a picture of my other grandmother's sewing machine and table. I can't wait to plug it in and hear it sew again....

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