Thursday, April 03, 2008

Fabric in Philly

The other day on my way out of Philly, I decided to stop by Loop on South Street mainly because I had heard a rumor that there was a new sewing store, Spool, next door. I was able to get a perfect parking spot right in front of both shops, put a few quarters in the meter and quietly browse both of these lovely, modern, and colorful stores. I made no purchases during this quick visit though I was quite tempted. I am focused on finishing a top-down sweater for Lucy and then getting to work on some summer outfits for her after I finish that circle quilt for the shop....

Anyway, back to the stores. Loop is a crisp store with shots of color and just the right amount of yarn. I love the lighting, seating, and yarn displays. I promised myself that I would go back next week after my paycheck to pick up a couple of pattern books - more on those in the future.

Spool is equally lovely. It is bright with fabric displayed at eye level. There are a few samples - mostly clothes made from Westminster/Free Sprit fabric (Amy Butler, Denyse Schmidt, Kaffe Fasset) and quilt tops - almost all Kaffe Fasset. The shop also has a sewing "studio" in the back with machines for rent at $5/hour. One of the best parts of my visit though was meeting the designer of Betsy Ross Patterns. I have been eyeing her patterns for a while now, particularly the Hip Tie Blouse. She had a sample made up in Kaffe's shot cotton - very very cute. Aimee has a great sense of style and is very aware of the needs of today's young sewers. I hope to make one of her patterns soon!

For now, sewing will have to wait. My new job is taking most of my energy and with that, I am off to sleep.

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