Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Flirty Skirt and Halloween Skirt

While Lucy and I were in Atlanta, she performed for us on my brother's balcony. Yes, that is a flirty skirt covering the Halloween play-skirt I made for her. The skirt turned out a bit fuller and longer than I expected but Lucy clearly didn't mind. And yes, she is dancing with a dreidel in her hand. I believe she was pretending that it was a microphone.

Still working on her mermaid costume. Ugh. My mother looked at it today and I could see that she was trying to say something nice about it, particularly that it looked like an actual mermaid for a preschooler. sigh. I mean, it's a costume for a 4 year old and it's not store bought so it's going to be fine, right??

I would love to spend the day sewing tomorrow but I also have to pull together Lucy's birthday party on Saturday. Fortunately we are doing it at a local bird preserve so I don't have to plan entertainment. However, Lucy is expecting me to make mini cupcakes for the party as well as mini cut-out cookies for her class on Friday. Sometimes I wonder why I can't be one of those women who just buys stuff from a regular store? I mean, does anyone even notice the extra effort it takes? Well, that's a silly questions because I notice and I think that Lucy notices too. And, I enjoy doing it...most of the time.

First game of the World Series on tv - gotta run. GO PHILLIES!!

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