Monday, February 09, 2009

A Finished Project!!

"Claire" Dress, originally uploaded by stitchingpink.

This dress was made using the "Claire" Pattern from PortabelloPixie Boutique Patterns. the fabrics are Heather Bailey of course. Overall, it's an easy pattern - my only source of frustration was the machine applique of the flowers on the apron but that has less to do with the pattern and more to do with me and my machine (more on that later in this post.) I wish that I could show you a picture of Lucy modeling the dress but she refused to try it on for no apparent reason other than that I asked her to. Now it is hanging in the shop to inspire others. I hope they don't look too closely at my applique....

Back of "Claire" Dress

Now to my machine. Grrr. I can't get the tension to be right. I've messed with the bobbin and the tension on the top thread with no success. I broke down and took it in for a service which I know is the right thing to do but really I want a new machine. The shop is going to start carrying them in a month (yeah!) which is great for the owner but bad for me - too much temptation. I am trying to stay focused on my quest for a serger. I may just have to put blinders on when I walk in and ignore the whole machine section. ha! That will never happen.

I bought this pattern from Wee Wonderfuls hoping that Lucy and I can work on them together. My mother made me Raggedy Ann and Andy as a kid and they are still my favorites, aside from Mandy and Jenny of course. So, once my machine returns from the sewing machine "hospital" Lucy and I will get to work.

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pensive weeds said...

Marisa, this dress is adorable and absolutely gorgeous. i have not looked at your site for a while - what a lovely treat.