Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Magazine Blues

First Martha Stewart Kids, then Blueprint, then Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion and now Domino! I can't believe it. All that's left is Martha Stewart Living and some random Euro design magazines. Plus all the Better Homes and Gardens Special Decorating Issues. Oh, and dwell - that will probably be cancelled too. I guess I will have to start reading Real Simple again though I swear their target audience is a divorced 40 year-old executive mom. Not a chocolate-eating-crafty-part-time nurse-midwife-married-mother. Come to think of it, Bust sounds like it's more my style. I just got a subscription which sadly means that it will probably be discontinued in a month or two. Sorry.

PS - I love Atomic Ranch but I don't dare get a subscription to that. It contains all my hopes and dreams for my perfect 50's ranch-style home. I need something to look forward to at the bookstore!

1 comment:

spyderette said...

i heard about domino and knew you'd be upset!

and where's the perfect magazine for a stay-at-home, quasi-crafty, loves to cook, yoga-instructing beekeeper who loves the cure?

there's no justice in this world.