Saturday, May 30, 2009

What I've Been Doing

I have been sewing quite a lot and enjoying my new serger. Pillowcases, bags, curtains and gifts. But I'm also busy training for a triathlon, the Philly Women's Triathlon to be exact. It seemed like a good idea a few months ago - a way to motivate (scare) me into getting to the gym. Now that it's coming up in 6 weeks I'm a bit terrified and spending most of my free time swimming, biking or running. The process of training has been inspiring. Each day I am a bit surprised at what I am able to do and how much stronger I seem. My amazing trainer has really helped in this process as well. My body seems to be doing what it wants to do - work and work hard. One day he told me that the human body is one of the few things that will actually breakdown from lack of use. We were meant to walk, reach, carry, jump, run.

I wish that I could report that my body has turned into some version of Sarah Conner from Terminator but that hasn't happened and I'm ok with it. I'm doing this not to look like an amazonian women, but rather to better myself for now and going forward. I have a lot of things I want to do in the coming years and I need to take better care of myself in order to make that happen. Plus, I have to get in better shape to keep up with Lucy! I swear, at four, that she can run faster than I can.

So, I will be back with pictures and knitting and sewing projects. After the tri, if I survive, I will write more. Plus, I want to get a jump on my holiday projects and not wait until the very last minute.....

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