Monday, June 15, 2009

Checking In

Still training. This triathlon is starting to seem like a very very bad idea....

Just got back from OKC. I sent almost all of my childhood books back to Princeton as well as some seriously awesome craft magazines from the early 1980's. And I found some fabulous fabric and unfinished sewing projects including a Liberty peasant blouse ready to be sewn together!

On the way back home, Lucy and I ran into Dan Zanes in the Memphis airport. Very random. He is quite nice and even gave Lucy a guitar pick. I admit, I felt a bit like a silly suburban mom, particularly when I told him that we've been to all his concerts in Princeton. Really silly.

I'm missing flickr and blogging so I'm planning to be back very soon. Plus I have so much to post - I just finished my first shirt made on the serger. Loved it! How did I ever function without one?

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