Thursday, July 30, 2009

Flowers and A Shout Out

fresh flowers, originally uploaded by stitchingpink.

I'm pretty pleased with this arrangement. The snapdragons are from the farm where we have our CSA membership and the hydrangeas are from outside my front door. Snapdragons are my absolute favorite and this color in particular makes me very happy. I had to search through rows of flowers to find them - clearly they make other people happy too. And the hydrangea - well I have my friend Tania to thank for those. A few years back she went up to Connecticut to get a few plants for the spring holidays and offered to buy them for anyone who was interested. I bought two - kept one for myself which I later planted outside the front door and the other for my brother and sister-in-law which they nearly killed. I'm nursing it back to health determined that it will someday be as big as mine. Each year it sports more blooms as if to say "You can't kill me!"

And a shout out to my friend Candace who is in Salt Lake City right now. There's an article about SLC in this month's BUST - I promise I will visit next year!

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pensive weeds said...

such a lovely arrangement and the hydrangea looks wonderful in it. pink just works in your house.