Monday, November 23, 2009

Mitch got this book for me as a belated birthday present. Actually, the exchange went something like this:
Me "I have coupons at Barnes and Noble that need to be used today if you want to buy some presents for your dad."
Mitch "OK. I can get him a couple of bestsellers."
Me "That's a good idea. One of the coupons is for any book in the store."
Mitch "Is there anything that you want?"
Me "Yes, I would like a copy of The Sartorialist."
Mitch "You know, this book is just a bunch of pictures."
Me "Yes, I know that. His blog is essentially a display of people wearing clothes."
Mitch "OK, as long as you know what it is."
Even later:
Mitch "Here's the book you wanted. Happy Birthday."
Me "Thanks. How thoughtful of you."
The book is FABULOUS beyond belief. I am going to pour over it for hours and hours just studying the outfits, hair, shoes, bags - basically everything. If it's not already on your
holiday wish list you need to add it. But if you'd rather not have another book in your house that will collect dust, then just visit the blog.
Have a great Thanksgiving!

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