Thursday, May 16, 2013

How do you caffeinate?

My husband and I are kind of coffee fanatics. In our house there are no fewer than 8 ways to make coffee. Depending on my mood and the beans available I  choose how best to make my brew. 

Large party: plug in percolator that makes about 30 cups dunkin donuts
Smaller gathering: kitchen aid drip with Starbucks pike roast
Sunday breakfast for two: Bodum French press (glass or stainless steel) using Small World Love Blend
Quick hit: nespresso pod
Longer hit: nespresso soy latte 
A bit more time: Stove top Moka with Illy coffee
Traveling: pour over with French roast
Feeling retro: Stovetop ceramic percolator  
In storage for my future mid-century weekend retreat: Francis Francis mint green espresso maker. 

Clearly we are not the only ones who are this obsessed!

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