Monday, May 13, 2013

Putting it all together

I recently celebrated 13 years of marriage to my husband, Mitch.  It got me thinking about the early days of our courtship and something I said to him after just a few months of dating.  But first let me back up a bit.

Before I met Mitch I felt like I could only share parts of myself with certain people.  My nursing colleagues got the feminist interested in women's health.  My radio friends got the quirky indie music lover. My knitting friends got the yarn-obsessed stitcher.  My groovy friends got the yoga and spirituality dabbler.  A few guys at the gym witnessed my dead lifts and bench presses.  Another group of guys helped me buy comic books.  And then there were my fellow cinemophiles, bibliophiles and fashion-followers.

And so one day I said to Mitch, "I don't make sense. I'm all these different parts.  I like to shop at Saks but I read comic books and wear pink Birkenstocks."

His response, "It all makes sense to me.  You're Marisa."

And that's how I knew I had met the love of my life.

But yet 16 years later I am doing the same thing.  I parse out different parts of me to different groups and in so doing I often feel fragmented.  Plus I was doing it here, in the blogosphere.  I had one blog for crafting, another for fitness/wellness and I was just about to create another for dilettantism.

And then I thought, why can't I just be all of this in one space?  Where I can be me, Marisa.

Obviously I can and this blog, my original one, is the perfect place for it.  Here I will explore multiple themes: Creating, Exploring, Growing, Parenting, Thinking.

There will no overall theme other than my own interests and reflexions on life. 

Come along with me and let's have some fun.  It's a new day.


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spyderette said...

Love this idea! And love that you're you. I think a lot of people feel the same way -- a conglomeration of parts. And I think the people that are capable of seeing the sum of those parts -- the whole perfect picture are those that we count among our true friends. Those people understand and accept us compeltely.