Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Glittering Nature

Mitch bought himself a new Mac and I haven't figured out how to upload photos yet so an updated photo of the gingerbread house will have to wait. For now, please enjoy Lucy's glittered woodland collection. We gathered the bark, acorns and pine cones on a recent nature walk and then came home and glittered to our hearts' content. There's no better path to a happy day than with Martha Stewart glitter. I'm not kidding. One problem- it gets everywhere. It's not a big problem but it is a bit embarrassing to be at work and see red and pink glitter sparkling in your hairline! Oh well, it comes with the territory if you have a crafty girl (or two) in your house!

BTW, over at Martha Stewart you can enter your glittered projects into a photo contest. You can find our photo there amidst some seriously crazy glittered photos and other projects. I don't think we have the slightest chance of winning but it's worth a shot plus Lucy loves to see the photo of her project on the MSL website!

Hope everyone is getting ready for the holidays. The snow has certainly added to the Christmas spirit. My pink decorations look even cuter against a white background. Ha ha!

Keep warm!

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