Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Coffee Cozy and Sandwich Bag

I wanted to prove that I actually have been sewing, not just talking about it. The coffee cozy pattern can be found here and the lunch/gift bag pattern can be found here. Both are super easy and would be perfect as gifts, particularly for the holidays. I could see giving a matched set of one cozy, one bag, maybe one matching large tote and perhaps a little cosmetic bag. That would be a nice gift, don't you think? I'd sure like to receive it!

As for the fabric, the coffee cozies are Heather Bailey Pop Garden and the lunch bag is Anna Maria Horner's latest oilcoth! It was actually pretty easy to work with, I just used a denim needle and a longer stitch length.

Tomorrow I'll post a pic of the bag kit. I'm going to finish putting the kits together right now while watching this chick flick.

Good night.


pensive weeds said...

i love this sandwich bag - everything about it, the shape, the pattern is delicious. may have to try it out. but how can one stand to give these things away... i am glad i looked in on you.

Alexis M. said...

These items are adorable! And that oilcloth fabric is awesome... So nice to have something else besides the traditional mexican fruit-fiesta-ish patterns!